Class Description

20-20-20-  Combination of cardio, strength, and body weight workouts. Mixing it up  between circuit training, tabata training, weight training, & core  exercises. If you want variety to jump start your weekend give this one a  try!

Aqua IMPROV- Deep water class to music, belts optional. Core/cardio workout, ending in the shallow end.

Aqua Kick- Get revved up in this high energy water workout. Emphasis on balance and strength at an accelerated pace.

Aqua Movers- Get moving in the water. Warm up and improve both cardio and strength using dumbbells & noodles. ​

Aqua Yoga- Yoga  in the pool is an amazing place to experience the many benefits of  yoga. The feeling of weightlessness takes stress out of challenged  joints and stabilizes them to free muscular tightness or discomfort. 

Arthritis Stretch- Decrease pain & stiffness while improving joint flexibility & range of motion - gentle stretching exercises. 

Bodies in Motion- Total body workout with cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises.

Burn- Get your heart racing and muscles burning in this 45 minute total body workout.

Deep Water Workout- Use of flotation device to “jog” in the water. Low impact with little impact to knees and hips.

Gentle Aquacise-  Slow progression to enhance flexibility, balance, and strength while  keeping one foot on the bottom at all times. 1 level up from Arthritis  Stretch.

Grounded Aquacise-  Gradual progression to get into shape, such as non-swimmer, overweight,  pre/post natal, post-op., arthritic or restricted in anyway. One foot  is always on the ground.

Pilates- Tone, strengthen & increase flexibility in the abdominal muscles & back. Increase body-mind connection.​

Silver Sneakers Circuit-  Any fitness level welcome. Standing, low impact choreography alternated  with standing upper-body strength work using hand-held weights. A chair  is available for support.

Silver Sneakers Splash- A  fun, shallow-water exercise class that uses a signature splash-board to  increase movements and intensity for all fitness levels. Low impact. 

Social Swim- Come chat with friends while doing your own workout or just relaxing. 

Soft Aquacise- Warm up, aerobics, strengthening, & flexibility segments. Equipment will be used for extra resistance in the water. 

Spin- Taught in a group setting with an instructor that leads you through a challenging 45 minute ride.

Strength & Tone- Stability ball with weights & tubes. 45-minute workout challenging all muscle groups.

Strong 30 by Zumba- Train to the beat in this challenging 30-minute total body workout. 

Total Body Fitness-  Cardio, sculpting, and strengthening. Real life functional movement  patterns will be executed using weights in a FUN and creative way. 

Yoga Flow-  Slow gentle movements to help relieve aches and pains, improve  flexibility, and can reduce blood pressure and anxiety. Warm-up,  stretch, balance, & breathe as you go into each pose. Leave feeling  refreshed and relaxed.

Yoga/Qigong- Aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and mediation with a focus on physical and mental discipline.​

Zumba – A fun energetic cardio workout.